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What's happen with ping in game


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I'm back into game from long brake. Was playing couple of days before server merge. After merge my ping jumped a lot... i had before ~50-60ms, now i have over 140-160ms. Don't know where is a problem and or ncsoft gonna do something about that? i feel like im playing from europe on NA server. Tried as well wtfast, no changes here. this my internet speed test.


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this happening with many ppls after merged, ping problem (no matter if u use any program to tunneling), this really let me crazy, i dont give up yet....


i tested my net direct on Dallas, Texas(server location) i live on Brazil but is very good connection until now:


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On 7/20/2016 at 2:46 PM, imzhell said:

Bad routing. That's what I can smell. It is common to see that happening because a lot of users and their countries have bad ISP infrastructure.


Use Kill Ping to fix this, should solve all the lag spike and ping problems.

WTFast is not the same? i have advanced monthly plan and no improvements ;/  don't want to waste more money for soft which won't help me ...
Plus isp i think is the lowest issue here... as i was playing russian jp server some games and i have constant 150ms-200ms... and here i have over 150 in europe what is non sense.
Other games i tried... ping is 15-20. for example black desert my average ping is 15ms...

Well i tried kill ping no changes for me same like WTFast

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