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Problem with 'Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms'

Quack Quack

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So a couple of days ago I reached my limit of 10 bundles of 10 unsealing charms.

Apparently you can only buy 10 and open a max of 100 pouches.


The problem is that I havent opened 100 pouches !

There were some days where I didnt need to buy new Unsealing charms because I had enough for 2-3 days with one purchase.

Nevertheless, I went on and I bought a bundle everyday and left it in my rewards crate.


Now. It said that I cant buy anymore Unsealing Charms as I have reached my limit. I was okay with it only to check my rewards crate and see that the Unsealing charms were gone ? They were not kept in the crate and had apparently disappeared... So now I have opened less than 50 pouches and cant open anymore of them. I have no second characters which I farmed with so I based all my charms on one character. 


I'd be glad if there is a fix to that.

In addition I find no reason why there should be a limit in Unsealing charms anyways. Why should the people who are MORE dedicated not be able to be awarded more ?

Or you could at least add a certain amount of NCoins or HM coins (so that it wont be pay to win situation) which you have to pay to get more Unsealing charms than the FREE ones provided.

I am pretty disappointed as this is supposed to be an event, and you cant get the most out of it.

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