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Notice me senpai( SF PVE build )


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Don't bother putting points in straight jab. You just don't need it. Really don't need points in lb frost stance either, you won't use it that often. Your right punch i'd move to T4 S4 until you can get the HM skill that opens T5 S3, as you will build chi stacks 2x as fast, giving you access to Dragon fist more often. Most everything else is fine. Only use whirlwind if you intend to use ripple punch. If you're going to use snowball, stick with tundra. Kingfist or not is personal preference. I find my Kingfist crits more often, and for higher damage. Your bracers will give 20% damage increase to Kingfist when you hit breeze weapon

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On 7/16/2016 at 4:44 AM, Argonaki said:

Current build




RMB = S3 T4 or S4 T4 and why ?

V = Tundra or Whirwind and why ?

V  = Kingfist or F Storm and why ?


Other comments are welcome

I actually just explained part of my build in a different post, so allow me to post it back here 

This is mine. - https://bnstree.com/SF/rkEePNnP

The reason why I like this build, it's because it's based on cc and more utility, ice-based does less damage but at the end of the day, in my opinion playing B&S isn't about which party members puts out the highest dps. 

Elbow Smash - Tier 4 Stage 1 - Because in case you get aggro, you can just counter and go right back to dps'ing since for Right Punch you need to be behind the enemy to deal more damage and add freeze stacks 
KingFist -Tier 4 Stage 1 - Because the damage is just a beautiful crit which you can use twice if you're behind target.
Lightning Fist - Tier 2 Stage 1 - Because going ice build with Right Punch you run through focus a lot faster than with earth build, so you need the lower cd on Lightning Fist to use Breeze Kick and continue your Focus flow
Chi Burst - Tier 3 Stage 1 - Because sometimes you have to be a team player and heal your teammates better ;)

Windstorm - Tier 2 Stage 2 - Because sometimes you have think about yourself and make sure you stay healthy.

Criticism on my build is highly appreciated too. :)



Also, one thing that's not there is "V" in elemental stance. I use Whirlwind because it's better crowd control where you can just pull a group of mobs and spam "RMB - Ripple Punch" and burst everything down while healing you for a lot of hp if you're low on health as well :)

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Everyone seems to be under the impression that kingfist is better than Storm...


Just for the main reason as to why it is better - Warlok buff.... u can spam storm 4 times and use F spam alot more than u can while doing double kingfist (if tank isnt a bm that loves to just q all time). 


So lets talk maths:

Kingfist Tier 5 Form 1 skill_attack_earth.png


Deals 108 ~ 126 [9.00] earth damageskill_attack_earth.png







Frost Storm Tier 5 Form 3 skill_attack_ice.png


Deals 150 ~ 175 [12.50] ice damage over 5 hitsskill_attack_ice.png







Now these parts of the skill (cuz there is more like second hit dmg and finishing dmg on Storm) are the important part. As you can see base dmg of Kingfist is about 50 lower than Storm. Thats already a reason to consider Storm over Fist.


Next is the added bonus to these skills:



Deals 108 ~ 126 [9.00] earth damage  +   Deals 22 ~ 25 [1.80] additional earth damage on additional useskill_attack_earth.png   

= 108 ~ 126 First Hit  +  130 ~ 151 Second Hit = 238 ~ 277 Base Dmg



Deals 150 ~ 175 [12.50] ice damage over 5 hits   +   Deals 90 ~ 105 [7.50] additional ice damage on hit with the last attack   

= 240 ~ 280 Base Dmg


Storm wins on just base damage. Next is the important part. The Damage Multiplier on storm is alot higher than for KingFist. I do not know how the multiplier works but what i do know is that the higher it is the more dmg u get.


Now ppl may argue that CRIT will afect the damage. Well no shit ofc it will. Now if u got crit high enuff to crit 2 kingfists why would it not be enuff for Storm to last hit crit as well? Not to mention how many times u are atacking during storm to proc weapon buffs alot with RUBY crit buff and so on.


Main point to consider is - U dont derp with storm unless you dont know boss mechanics (like jumps and shit) u just use it and it deals dmg

But with Kingfist u can very easily miss it.


Now all of this is just some theory crafting XD i wont be sure of this poop maths opinion until i get that damn DPS meter >_<

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While I like the double KF skill... I OVERALL prefer the Frost Storm (HM tier).    I find it does more damage usually.   Now in PVP... SOME classes it's good to just use KF... but more often than not whether PVP or PVE I find FS to be preferable for reasons Queen already mentioned.

I also really like Tundra for damage and the fact I often get to use it 3x in a row.  But Tundra and Whirlwind are totally different... WW will pull the enemies in... not bad for PVE... not too great for PVP, I still think the DPS from 3x Tundra is more worthwhile unless you have a specific need for WW or like to just keep mobs all clumped up the easy way instead of a quick kiting.

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