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PvE Solo Build needed please


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Hi there.


I have played every class is there, but BD gives me the most trouble. But that's it's charm. All other classes are easy, too easy. Well, maybe not KFM but it's a different story.

I had one BD until lv 27 when I deleted him for Warlock. Now that I got another free character slot I made BD again.

What I like in other classes is that they have either counter or good HP regen skill (specced ofc). I don't know how about later but from my experience BD has neither. But that's probably because my build sucks. And here's where I turn to you for help.

Does anyone know a cookie-cutter build to level up to 45? Maxed out build would be nice too. FYI neither of my chars is maxed, the farthest I managed to go is just after I got Mushin's legacy (dang Cinderlands questline is long).


EDIT: I found this build here. I'm lv 24 at the moment and it works for me so far. Could someone complete it please? I'm no good at planning builds...

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Bit late reply but eh.

Having played every class there is (except soul fighter) i can tell you that levelling BD isn't really that hard, but it's not exactly easy either.


If you are struggling with healing, spec into the right hand side of Sunder, and also the middle tree of Stomp (not required, but helps with Sunder)

General rotation I've used with this would be 2 > 1 > F > RMB until target is dead. Using the right hand tree of sunder heals you on KD enemies.

if you don't have the middle tree of Stomp, then use 2 > 1 > Q/E > Sunder, you q and e ready sunder so it goes faster.


Big key for this is to use your Knock Downs, they're very low cooldowns and can pretty much do the above rotation on all enemies.


You might also want to spec into the middle tree of Dual Strike (Your V) for multiple enemies, once again, they will all be dazed and you will gain massive healing with your RMB Sunder.


Once you get level 30 (i think) i personally use the 3rd one along in Five Point Strike, Draw stance is always massive damage, so i use this for mob clearing., plus it's another dash so i use it if my 2 > 1> F are on cooldown still


Not sure if this is what you're using right now since for whatever reason i can;t open that link, it hope this helps a little. I'm not a pro Blade Dancer, i actually main force master, but this is just what i use if i'm struggling with HP. which at level 29 i'm not (using middle tree of sunder now for damage.)

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