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Radiant Ring Guild crafting missing accessories


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Good evening. Support has confirmed for that the Radiant Ring secret recipes do exist and are usable, but the items they allow us to craft are disabled in the NA/EU servers.  As transparency into game functionality is highly valued by your customers, it would be in NC Soft's best interest in terms of public relations to provide us the following information:


1. Why was Radiant Ring singled out to have a full 1/3 of it's recipes locked away from North American/European players?

2. When can we expect the Radiant Ring accessory recipes to be unlocked on the American / European servers?


Granted, it's not the most major issues facing the NA/EU player base, but  I felt justified in addressing a topic that has come up multiple times since January, but has been ignored in all Blade and Soul streams / patch notes to this day.  While it may be saving face for a community moderator to just quote in-game text, and thank me for my submission, western player bases interpret 'scripted replies' as being signs of laziness and disregard.  


I do not think the development and localization teams for Blade and Soul want to be seen as lazy as NC Soft executive leadership is notorious for being.  And even if the executive leadership is not, the attitudes of their employees reflect on them, and are ultimately their responsibility.  

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