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Some performance questions.


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My BNS runs at around 30-50 or so fps  but i keep getting a little stutter where the game kinda like pauses for like a half second .
im running windows 7 with a nvidia gtx 1080 and a quad core cpu 3.6 ghz 4gb ram on a ssd im adding this info so the answers i get won't be related to my hardware. So questions-  

1- Do different versions of windows have any better performance with this game?  <--Very serious\-.-/
2- Any softwares that can be used to help performance? <--Very serious-.-
3- How do you  assassins sleep at night/day? -These are just jokes-
4- What are you summoners feeding those crazy bloodthirsty tigers? Im guessing pikachus? -.-These are just jokes-

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I think you should be getting a higher fps rate with your hardware. I'm getting a steady unchanging 60fps using windows 10, gtx 1070, amd 6300fx six-core, 8gb ram, ssd. No stuttering so far. Your hardware is better. The only thing is perhaps 8gb vs 4gb ram or perhaps using windows 10 might be making the difference. I also have the games graphics settings maxed. I wish I could be of more help.


This thread might be of use:



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Try checking the frame rate limit settings ingame (probably not the cause but you never know).

I get slightly better performance with v-sync off but my hardware is also a lot worse so not sure if this matters for you.

I wouldn't upgrade to windows 10 because of blade and soul.

Blade and Soul is poorly optimized and chances are high, that it will never run flawless no matter how much you upgrade hardware or try diffrent setting, so the best suggestion i can give you is to adjust your expectations. :P

Any programs that claim to improve performance are just trash and don't do anything that you couldn't do on your own.

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Played BnS on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, and I didn't see any difference in performance. Game crashed twice the same day on windows 7.

What's your CPU ? Just giving the number of cores and the clock speed is not enough. 

Some people set the process priority to High through the task manager and set gameguard to low priority.

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