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PvP - using vortex with deflect or maelstrom?


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Here is my doubt about this choice. Im playing lots of PvP right now and I'm learning that BD is very tricky to play (is not only spin to win as all imagine, spining does little dmg in comparision with other skills and combos). Till yesterday i was using always the deflect vortex cause i think a lot of people are very impatient and dont calculate the 0,5s of parry so i can stun them, launch into the air or even better wasting his/her trinket, but i keep thinking and there is some match ups like destroyer that maelstrom is very handy at least it give 2 seconds of iframe and move speed so u can put distance in the case the destroyer is spamming q which does a lot of damage and even better this vortex gives u 400% of defense so u are pretty tank. The main problem that i encountered about using maelstrom is that as BD u dont have so much cc (2 kd, 2 dazes, 2 stun and 1 grip) it seems like a lot, but the kds are "easy" to play around, u can just f or counter it, the hard cc that BDs have is one stun (im not sure if dazes can cancelled by f). So the thing that i wanted to ask is when to use maelstrom and when to use the deflect? I have an idea but i'd like to knows other opinions about this topic. To finish i'll put a list with the match ups and the best vortex spec in my opinion and the reason in some cases (others i considered pretty obvious).


Match ups

vs sin --> deflect

vs BD --> here i think its irrelevant but i like to go deflect

vs BM --> deflect

vs Des --> maelstrom

vs FM --> here i prefer to go deflect (cause the impatient) but still i think this match up is very favoured for FMs

vs KFM --> deflect

vs SF --> deflect seems to work well but im not sure

vs Summ --> deflect cause you can put the cat very far away for 30 secs, time enough to burst the summ

vs WL --> this match up for me its the most difficult apart from the FM, cause the damage they do is insane thats the reason why i've started to spec maelstrom but deflect feels right to stun them if the pet attacks u in the 0,5s of deflect.


this is my opinion and i'd like to know yours ^^.

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it all depends on your & opponent playstyle. I agree with you with bd, bm, des, fm, sin, kfm. Against summ i prefer maelstrom coz it negates permanent cat rushes and it forgiving more your mistakes. Against wl i spec as much iframes (maelstrom) as possible to survive their syphon/time distortion burst, when they are on cooldowns, they are an easy prey. And against sf i kinda dont know yet. Some of them will rekt me regardless of my spin and vice versa. But mostly im using against sf maelstrom too to resist/run away from their AoEs.

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