Server Merge is Awesome!

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Well, I also wanted to leave positive feedback about the "links". It's awesome to play with so many people.

The con is that the boars in ssp basically melt and I'm unable to get the box with 667 ap, but if I find a less populated channel by miracle it is doable.

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I love the server merge! The two servers i had characters on (old man cho and mushin) merged together so now i can mail between them all:]

I love having people around and its just great. So far there has been enough people around to do zaiwei ruins a bunch which is the 24 man raid i like to do the most(i want that outfit!) When it was just old man cho I would struggle a bit if it wasn't peak hours on a weekend.

I do find that i have been lagging a lot in combat which I never used to but I don't know if that is due to the server merge or not. If so I hope they fix it soon:(

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