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Mine is different!

Oh, I definitely will accuse NC soft. I've been on Game Forge servers for reaaaaaally long. Sure, they messed up patches and had to repair them afterwards. Some small bugs, like any game. But wanna kn

Yeh, well........ In ANY game not hosted by NCSoft you'll be compensated for the problems, in NCSoft's case, you'll get few more bots, and IF you get an excuse letter, it'll be a miracle. HE

I am in europe with 500mb/500mb download/upload  on a european server and have 100 ping the server is clearly not in the europe to begin with and merging more servers can only make the ping higher i would assume since you put more stress on it so i dont see the point in merging it will only make more people leave unless they make them into mega servers like dc universe did those pings are great even when playing in the na so they might be better off investing in a better server next and a better connect probably then doing things that would make the game unplayable hopefully in the future they will work on the ping issue instead of merging more

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same error, i was in ssp with 300 ping and then coudnt atack at all, i exited game just to make a relog in the hope things will be better, but now ,,Fail to log in", Account Autentification Failure" Error 200....after 8 hours of waiting now we are still waiting

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4 minutes ago, Kiyohime said:
Just now, TuNaTa said:

I still get ERROR.

You aren't alone.

Be patient.

try to relog :)

Apparently maintenance isn't over yet. In which case my joke about services still stands ;D

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Same error...

Hum don' accuse NCSoft so easily, others editors as Gameforge have same problems x) (I think just korean MMO are well functional in far-eastern asian countries).


9H for a little patch for us but to hard to install for NCSoft xD

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