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3RF vs 3 shin kicks


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So I was introduced to the 3RF combo through various sources, Korean tournament commentators and clanmate who plays KFM.


It seems complicated to execute.  Prior to learning 3RF all I did was use Shin Kick.


I get that the combo works, but seems too complicated.  I could just hold 3 and execute 3 shin kicks, than try to find the buttons to press to execute 3RF.


I don't understand why people even talk about 3RF.  It's complicated and when I do the math, 3RF does less damage than 3 shin kicks.  It also requires 3 points to get Cyclone Kick to cost 2 focus.  Net gain in focus from a 3RF combo is zero.  Shin Kick gains one focus, straight jab 1 focus or 2 depending on skill points, and Cyclone Kick consumes those focus points gained.  On the other hand if you hold Shin Kick 3 times you gain 3 focus.


Based on the damage range of 3RF according to bnstree.com, Shin Kick damage is 54 on the low end, Straight Jab damage is 16 if you have at least one skill point, Cyclone Kick low end damage is 78 or 84 if enemy is affected by Searing Palm.  Altogether 3RF does 54 + 16 + 84 = 154 damage.


Damage of three Shin Kicks according to bnstree.com is 54 + 54 + 54 = 162.

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You have to consider the animation time too. A good KFM player can do 2 *3RF while you do 3 shin kicks. That's thw whole point of ani cancel. However if you cannot do 3RF properly, shin kick spam is possibly your best alternative.


ANother downside of shin kick spam is that you cannot trigger the searing palm stun. For example a skilled KFM can du V stun ->3X->3RF3RF3->stun triggers->RF3RF->F knockup combo. You can't do this since you won't have the required number of hits


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3f is not doable, simply because after ur first 3f3 ur next f wont be cyclone but rather the knock up unless u wait 0.5 seconds for cyclone to register from the 3 > f.

I play KFM and the hardest part about 3rf is the fact that 3f is not doable, it need the R in there to buy time for f to come up after the 3. IDK why f isnt INSTANT folowing 3 but its proper fkn anoying, which then makes it harder since R can easy cancel ur 3 = no f....


Im getting better with my 100ish ping rotation but its still cancerous anicancel to make XD


I dont even try it in pvp just on pve mobs, in pvp i go serious mode and do what i can best which is blue buff and 3 x (PVE pressure point) while locking enemies in stun. summoner dies instant with Buff+PVE pressure point, rest of classes need a little more air combo after the pressure point rotation.

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