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Seeking advice from fellow SF players


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Hello there i recently came bk to game 5 days ago and dinged lvl50 today a SF, i did a little bit of research on the class but i got bit confused with the specs.

The guide on Youtube i saw says switch to Ice Spec once you get to high lvl but he didnt really specify how high you need to be.


Im Using this spec https://bnstree.com/SF?build=500100000031020431703327011060430802118032190232002114031110432104325011

whould love some feedback on the spec and also about Soul Shields i have been reading scorpion/yeti good for starter ones nowdays but i doubt people will agree carry a fresh lvl50 to these any other options which ones i should pursue so i can meet atleast the minimum reqs to get in to these?

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Do you want to do pvp,pve or both?  If you want i can make a you a YouTube video for both of the specs.  Personal experience  on leveling multiple characters. Also currently my is SF i can say full yeti is always the best for pve

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Heya, start with this build: https://bnstree.com/SF?build=5001000000311603102043170310302105031270110604319023200211203114031110432104125011


ripplepunch plainly sucks and leave you with no good option to deal dmg when you have to go ranged. whirlwind s not rdy  -> ripplepunch+ lmb awfull dps. and if you back of from a aoe you can do quit some dmg with lmb+rmb if you specced frost there. frost specc can also used to heal yourself quit a bunch.


Currently im on 628 Ap with roughly 53% crit on HM9 and this is how my specc looks now:




As soon you bypass 50% crit you want breaking claw instead of right/left punch especially if you got the hm version.

Hope this helps,


Greetz PEST


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3 hours ago, Neryen said:

kingfist are u sure the middle tier 3 stage 2 it has pvp attritubes


Yeah i am sure but you can always go frost storm. I am 660 ap with ice build atm.  When i was leveling up and stuff i used the middle tier because the lower hp you are the more damage you do. Frost storm is still really good to go with even if you don't have high crit, just right punch is not.


Ripple bunch with whirlwind is good dps till you get the crit rate you need, but if you want just go ice build.  Ripplebunch only works best with whirlwind on target. Just like snowball does more damage with tundra


Forgotten that you were lvl 50 already so the first tree of the kingfist is still good for earth and is better then middle. I used middle for leveling, Sorry about that.


This is my current build



I used this video when i first started to play SF and is what i based off my builds off oh



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