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What will happen if your account had been hacked?

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***TLDR: Just Read the UNDERLINE part.***    

    So yeah, my account which I had spent real money on it had been hacked. My e-mail and password I use to log in the game had been changed. Right now, I can not go into "Blade and Soul" unless I create a new account. Being honest: Yes, I did go to a strange website that a random guy sent me in whisper saying he was the "GM" and I have a bundle in the website that needs you to enter your account to receive it. I was brainless enough to really believe in that stranger says, and this is my ending. 

    I did send e-mail and submit a ticket using this new account I created to NCsoft to see is there any way I can get my original account back. If things did not go what I hope it will go, I might just restart  "Blade and Soul," using this account. Just out of curiosity, had anyone's account been hacked and end up getting it back safely?   

  p.s. It really is not a big deal if you think it another way, "Blade and Soul" open for like less than half of the year. Everyone make some kind of mistake when they first play, I once spent all my Ncoin on buying clothes which I can spend on more useful stuff. It might take you a lot less time than you think it will take because you have more experience now. personally, I take this as a deep lesson to really think about my account security.      

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