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Is She Cute?


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12 minutes ago, ShiroUmi said:

No love for summoner what so ever D:<

Its ok i am a summoner too.


they just hate us cause thats whats "IN" right now. you know....hating the world, hating evolution.....and summoners....its the new era of enlightment o.o

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Before I comment, I shall post a picture of my own that way you will be free to critique me as well (it's only fair)




As long as you think your character is cute, thats what matters since you're the one that is going to be looking at it the most out of everyone. That being said, I don't really like your eyes, the structure of your face with those eyes gives your lyn this...stepford wives look to it. As if it has no life in it and just 'does what it's told'.

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