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[Suggestion] Brother Hajoon secret room sparring NPCs

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Recently I started playing an alt and came to realize just how valuable the secret rooms that Brother Hajoon organizes are. These rooms house some very unique NPCs. What makes them unique is three reasons.


1) Their attacks do zero damage

2) They perform certain moves (i.e. Knockdown) repeatedly and are subject to your full move arsenal

3) Your cool downs reset instantly allowing you to keep trying a combos without any down time.


Unfortunately these special NPCs are not available later on in the game. Closest we get to them are training dummies that cannot be cc'd, won't move, and don't fight back. Additionally, Mushin's tower offers the ability to fight some class NPCs but it's a far cry from Brother Hajoon's secret room NPCs. 


My my suggestion is to allow us to revisit these NPCs somehow. They already exist, the code is all there, all we need to do is spawn them. Any thoughts or opinion?

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You can find a Dummy that fights back in Mushin's Tower. You need to enter a special room. I believe it was Bomani who gave that quest. But you can still buy the trainee emblem from the general merchant. Happy training !

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