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Chat problems . Need help

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So i went to cross server , saw gold seller did "block spammer" for him 
And queued LFP for "talos dungeon" 2mins spent in queue not a single recruitment msg for any dungeon in neither cross server chat nor zone , well i thought maybe just bad timing
Tried talking with party no response well i get people who arent into chatting so brush it off.
After im done with "talos dungeon" i thought i should queue for "Shierking caverns" 
So 7mins im in queue for it. nothing in chat at all, enter dungeon try chatting no response well w/e again no one wants to talk its fine.

I exit and decided to make my own necro 4-man group if no one else is doing any recruitment.
And.... I can't even see my own recruitment .... nor anyone is joining.
Tried reloging and nothing changed .... Tried talking in clan chat if im only one , but i can see my own msg in clan chat but no response after long while so either chat is bugged or idk whats going and its some kind of consipracy theory.

TL:DR version. Cant see anything on crossserver. Neither recruitment chat nor zone , can't even see my own recruitment if i try making one.
Tried talking in guild chat. i saw my msg but no response 


EDIT: Got response in guild chat , so it works , but a person who responded havent did crossserver today yet so hes not sure if its me or everyone bugged 

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