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EU Group 1 Windrest/Wild Springs/Highland Gate WTB 32 dye polish (completed)


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Want to buy 32 [updated] dye polish, at 15 gold [updated] each.


Dye polish is tradeable but comes from NCoin only (no HM coin), so it's a very safe, normal exchange window trade.

My price above corresponds to a very good rate for the EU region I think.


Let me know if you want to help out a small clan getting their clan uniform by selling this to us. ^_^


We are on Windrest, Highland Gate and Wild Springs will work too. =:3

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updated amount (now only 34 dye polish needed) and increased price offer to 14gold each, to adjust for the current Currency Exchange rate.


Please help us out if you want to spend some NCoin, since these are best rates! You can even use the gold to buy more HM coin afterwards. ^__^

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