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I must been cursed

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I have 100 times Heavens run , 70 runs cold storage, a bunch of runs from the other dungeons that he can spawn also ... NO GEM . I just used 60 thingies and i bought the emerald from the dragonstore lol. Voila problem solved. Lets see i bought about 50 summer boxes i didn't even get a single pair of glasses or gem ! Not even glasses dude!! :D And finally i have been doing daily challenge every day since they added the new pouches with moonstones...i never got a 10 pack or 100 pack of moonstones lol. There are days i dont get one at all from the 3 or 5 pouches and when i do its always 2-3 never above that.

So moral of the story is...my friend rejoice...there are people out there with worst luck than you ! \o/

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