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Crash report keeps popping up

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Same here. It happened since today. I have played 2 months and never seen this issue before.

My laptop is Asus gaming and fps can reach up to 130 fps, so my hardware should be good.

I have updated windows 10 to latest patch and see if it fixed that but it didn't.

I tried to find the pattern of this bug, here is what i found so far.

  1. Log-in and game play is smooth without any problems.
  2. The crashes ONLY happen while killing bosses, such as BHS 2nd and last bosses (cross-server), Mushin-tower 4th floor, Infinity challenge 3rd enemy.
  3. I hit dummies in Mushin Tower and no crashes.
  4. After a while (10~20min) in game, it will crash IN COMBAT only.
  5. I can log back in right away without any problems.

Hope these info will help them solve the bug. Btw, I don't have ASUS or RAZOR service installed on my laptop.



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I crash at the same areas and also only in combat.  BSH, Cold storage, Nexus, Infinity Tower, Mushin Tower.  I even sent a ticket explaining all of this, did file repairs, re-installed the game, updated drivers and windows.  Game still crashes.  Disabled every service that wasnt windows and all startup programs like they said.  Still crashing.  We arent the only ones though.




Since it's only a handful of us I doubt anything will get done.  I didnt change anything on my comp or game settings when the crashes started.  Just started in BSH and has been happening since.  

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