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Game crashing near end of dungeons..

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Well this is stupidly frustrating. Amazingly frustrating.


My client crashes probably like 10% of the time during 4-man dungeons, and always RIGHT BEFORE the boss is about to die.


I've crashed literally 10 seconds before Asura, Scorpion Queen, and Yeti have died in cross-server at least 4 times in the past 2 days. Why is this even a thing? My client never crashes when I do SSP, heavily populated events like GHS channel 1, and other heavy-duty situations in BNS. But SOMEHOW my client RANDOMLY decides to crash itself moments before bosses die in cross server dungeons. 


Not to mention I don't get to finish my daily quest, my party doesn't wait for me to pick up the loot because well, it's cross server dungeon and people have no respect or courtesy.


Is this just me and if it is, how the hell can I go about preventing crashes in cross server dungeon? It's SO frustrating to spend 30 minutes in a 4man Asura run just to crash and miss out on my daily, loot and most importantly 30 MINUTES of my time for NOTHING in return.


I swear to god BNS is the only game that crashes for me, and only in certain situations too.. It is very tilting and as you can tell I'm probably not playing the rest of the day because I cannot be bothered to spend another 30 minutes doing 4man Asura because I know it's going to f****ing crash again.

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