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Ruddle's Presets. I do reqs!


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I'm always making presets I never use, so I thought I'd put them up here and do requests so my future presets actually serve a purpose! 

If you have a request, please give me either or both:

  1. a reference
  2. a theme

a long with the race and gender. 

I mostly do lyns, but I can do females of other races. I might struggle with male jin, but I can try. I won't do male gon though, I don't know how people manage with them, lol. 
I have a few samples put up here (contains fe/male Lyns, female Gon, Yun and Jin). 
Here are a few more that I haven't posted:

^Fem ver of my BD(Ruddle)


^alt FM


^My lock (Saintania)


^this one is tall
I can do cuter type lyns too.


^Male ver of my FM(Lelajun) on Yunwa 




A sample of Gon and Yun can be found in the link above. 


I will send presets to inbox.



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1 hour ago, Choco Wack said:

hi can you make a nice jin male?  and the body isnt that small I mean all jin males look thin :)

Uhh I can try :o I don't rlly know what to go for with just "nice" tho, would b nice if u could pm me extra details, like cool/cute, the impression u wanna give off, or other stuff ^^ (ty for the second req ahah;;;;) 

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Pretty (very) bad, but I tried. Had no clue if he was gon or jin so I did both (even if I don't do gons). Jin didn't have the hair/eyebrows, and gon didn't have the right eyeliner or eyelashes at all. Plus he looks Jin-y, so idk lol... There wasn't his skin tone either, but oh well. Maybe some one else can make you a better one, sorry. 


EDIT: ^Lol just noticed a different hairstyle that fit better

As compensation for these fails tho, I did the lyn I saw in your post, since I'm best at those. 

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