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How do I use Searing Palm?


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I have had the Leading Palm ability since forever and now that I have the Searing Palm ability, I don't know how to use it.  I'm guessing there are differences in using Searing Palm for pve and pvp.


I find this ability hard to use because it has a long cooldown and lasts only 10 seconds.  I feel like I have to somehow use this window of opportunity to do burst damage, but I don't really know what I am supposed to do?  Like do I always time it with the Amplification ability so I do crazy burst damage?  Use it on it's own?


I've been watching Korean BnS tournaments and see how KFM and can crazy amounts of damage.  Do they use stage 1 or stage 2?

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In pve you use stage 1 tier 3. in fact it's your principal source of damage.


You have a kind of combo that allow you to put a very big burst with that using for example, focused fighting spirit (tab), Comet Strike form 1 tier 4.

Or, leading palm (searing palm lvl 1) + Smite form 4 tier 3 (searing palm lvl 2)+ Hellfire kick (searing palm lvl 3)+ Comet STrike (searing palm lvl 4) + leading palm.


A lot of skill can proc searing palm actually.


And you have Searing blow tier 3 that considerably reduce the Cd of searing palm.


In pvp you can't use correctly searing palm form 1 cause kfm don't have any skill that allow them to deal damage whil being immun to controls for several seconds. You can try it againgst destructeurs since you're always in melee against them and that they are permanently immun to cc...

But in pvp you are supposed to use Form 2 tier 3 of searing palm and include it in your fullstun combo.

You stun your ennemy, you use searing palm on him then shin kick + searing blow + any other stun/daze + shin kick + seering blow --> stun from searing palm activates --> shin kick + seering blow etc...



Searing palm grants you +10% critical bonus par level. So in pve when you hit a mob with lvl 4 of searing palm form 1 you have +40% in critical for 10 seconds. and the damage of leading palm increase with the level of searing palm that's why you can deal 15K damage with leading palm while you reach lvl 4 of searing palm.

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there is a really good breakdown with pictures to be found here, a guide by Aurys:




It covers the skills and rotations needed to do good damage with searing palm in PvE, solo and in group.

By the way I favour stage 3 tier 5 comet strike, unless the party can do boss CC. It's more reliable. But I also use stage 1 in infinite tower now, there it's absolute best.


As for PvP, you can successfully use the PvE version of searing palm against summoners and warlocks. The pet attacks mean it's very easy to proc searing palm stages from Q and E, and both classes are vulnerable to burst damage, so it fits. I actually will try against destros now, never tried that tbh. ;)

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The damage boosted leading palm only works with searing palm stage 1 tier 3.


If you stack unleashed flow very quickly, like with stage 1 comet strike, it is indeed not ideal to start with leading palm. I recently completely switched over to stage 1 comet strike, after better grasping its functionality. A typical tanking opener series on a boss would be:


TAB (threat buff, charge)
Q/E > X
2 > 4 > X
V (threat AoE)
Q/E > X or 2 > F > F > X > 4
TAB (Fighting spirit) > 4 > X > 4 > X (leading palm) > 4 > 4 > 4 > 4 until 10 seconds run out.


The thing is, if your party has a few ani-cancellers in them, you will likely use the 4 non-stop and not want to use any other skills during the 10 seconds. Then you can omit the damage boosted leading palm and just as well use it to charge up. You should not move the stage 4 searing palm to an earlier position because you want unleashed flow up for the whole of the 10 seconds. If it ends too early, stage 1 comet strike becomes slow and loses half its damage.

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