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B&S Marketplace App (iOS/Android)


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Hello everyone,


With a small group of programmers, We developed an iPhone and Android app called 'B&S Marketplace' which allow you to look up in-game marketplace prices for each item. Item prices on our database are updated every 4-6 hours and this will give you an idea of how much each item costs on the marketplace. Our cloud server keeps track of all data histories and we use those data points to show trend charts in our app.


There is no easy way to know how much each item costs until players go back to the in-game marketplace to look them up. It gets even more frustrating when players are in the middle of loot auction after a dungeon is cleared since the system does not allow players to access to the marketplace during this time. Bidding a copper without knowing the ongoing resale price can be risky, yet players don't want to miss the bidding opportunity either. This app can help players by providing the current prices for items while you are still in the dungeon and auction! We are confident that you will be able to find more creative ways to use this app.


We are planning to have the Recipe section where crafting costs and profits are automatically calculated for you. The Recipe section of our app will let you create a crafting recipe with mats, fees, and crafted item. Every time you open each recipe, it will pull down most recent prices that are available in our cloud, and show you the resulting costs/profits. This feature is still in progress, and is coming very soon in our next major update.


Currently, the app has following features:

  • Search: Item search, pricing info by region (NA & EU), and trend charts (24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day window).
  • Watchlist: Favorite items (only available in iOS app but will be added to Android soon)

Direct download links to App Store/Google Play are available at:



or you can simply search by 'b&s marketplace' within App Store/Google Play.

Hope this app will bring you better gaming experiences. Please don't hesitate to let us know your feedback and/or suggestions to help us understand how we can improve this app. Any random talks are welcomed as well :)



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Hello RealGameStudios,


i have some question about the app.
- Can i use this on a chrome/firefox/edge/safari-browser instead of Smartphone, because i have a shity mobile phone?
- where you get the information about the materials? Did NcSoft release an API Key for this?
- are we able to see this software on github or something like that? (because your Account is less than one week old and trust is heavily needed for this kind of project like that)



The BlueEmperor

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You're very welcome, Windy. Glad to see you're enjoying our app! :)




Hi BlueEmperor,


Thanks for your interest in our app. Hope you find the app usable and helpful for your exciting journey in B&S!


Our development roadmap is focused around iOS and Android mobile platforms at Real Game Studio, and we currently don't have any plan for Web support. However, we will certainly consider expanding our scope of work areas as demands increase in the future.  


To our knowledge, no APIs exist for getting the information about in-game materials. If you google 'bns how to get marketplace price', then you will be able to find some discussions around this topic. We have no plans to publicly share our source codes as they are results of our team's hard work and our valuable assets. If you're seeking for programming/algorithm advises, google or stackoverflow is a great place to start. 


When you've mentioned 'trust is heavily needed', we were little puzzled with what it meant. This app simply shows item/price data collected from in-game marketplace. This app does NOT require login. It never collects nor asks for any data from user. This app is no different than that of a News Feed app or Stock Price Tracker app. If you are not confident with numbers shown in the app, you can quickly do a smoke test to see if they match with in-game market prices, which our team already had done prior to releasing the app. 


Our team is actively working to bring in new features and improve user experience. We value all of your feedback and support, so please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion to the app!


Real Game Studio

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