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SF bugs(?)


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I really enjoy playing the new class Soul Fighter, but there's a few things I have noticed, apart from the HM Quest for Kingfist(confirmed from support) I am not sure whether these are bugs or not. So I wanted to try putting this out here and look if other people can confirm anything of this happening to them.


1. Sometimes randomly switches from Elemental stance to Kungfu stance IN combat even while you are attacking.


2. If you are about to go out of combat(timer) and switch from Kungfu stance to Elemental Stance(using tab) you will go out of combat resulting in tab being on CD and being in Kungfu stance not the wanted Elemental(not really that huge of a deal but annoying, also note that this hasn't happened to me with SS Tier 1 Stage 1).


3. Let's call this Kingfist 2.0 since it's actually the second thing that seems wrong with Kingfist. If the target you are using Kingfist on gets grabbed and thus moved a bit farther away from it's actual location, still ending up receiving dmg, there are times (not always) where you can't use Dragon Fist (F) afterwards which gets enabled for 4 seconds after Kingfist usage. Also had something similar happen where King Grindtooth the pig/last mob from mining charges away (taking dmg) but not being able to use Dragon Fist.


4. Kingfist 3.0: I'm kinda curious if somebody that plays on TW/JP/KR can say if it's there like this too.

Kingfist Tier 4 Stage 1 allows you to use Kingfist an additional time when hitting the enemy from behind, now as we know Kingfist enables Dragon Fist(F) for 4 seconds, also that you can leave like 3 seconds delay between the first usage of Kingfist and the 2nd one, now my interpretition is that you should be able to use Kingfist - spam a bit of Dragon Fist - Kingfist again - and spam Dragon fist for 4 more seconds, but the second Kingfist actually doesn't reset the 4 seconds timer and you can only spam Dragon Fist for 4 seconds after the first usage of Kingfist. So I'm wondering whether this is actually correct or maybe just a bit misleading of a skill description.


5. Why is my name numbers and I'm not permitted to edit my own profile.


Would appreciate if anybody could share their experience with these or maybe has some more stuff.



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