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Server "Links" incoming

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i can already feel the lagfest.

"Fixed". For a while, people will start switching as soon as they see one side become stronger. Most people dont mind switching faction, leaving clans, specially with the amount of people that use sum

We are getting what we wanted, so who cares what the PR department calls it, heh.

This "linking" is not about faction balance. By merging same sided servers, they want to force the remained minor faction "to quit or to switch". That way, the zerg can farm in peace and nobody will complain about OWPVP anymore.


About MasterHong, there are only 6-7 Crimsons active in SSP, so few that we can actually remember all the name . It's also hard to regroup because we are in several different guilds, but we managed to rekt the zerg from time to time. Those fews have proven that they actually have balls to fight the zerg, so I believe that we would continue even after the merge.


After all, 6 vs 40 or 6 vs 120, there is no difference.

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