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Better as the B&S combat?

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I really like in MMORPG the combat system and the only games, they got a unique action combat was Black desert, Vindictus and BNS, but I'm tired about ncsoft ruin this game here.


Someone test this game in the chinese or ru client and can tell me how good is the combat from this game?



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14 minutes ago, Kung Fung said:

Dunno about gameplay, no comment there but the graphics are unnecessarily very flashy and garbage which is one of the reasons we play bns.

Revelation could have been a good game if it hadn't got such graphics... it seems just awful. I haven't played the game yet, and even when it comes to EU I won't try it. I just don't wanna play a game with such graphics, no matter how cool it might be.
I still think B&S has got awesome graphics, awesome combat system. B&S is a unique game, and I haven't met anything else that could come close to it yet. Note that I am talking about the general things here, such as graphics, combat system, maps (the world and the culture). It has got some optimization problems though, that is the only negative thing I could mention.
In graphics only BDO could beat B&S. Though, I still think that B&S has a better combat system. But at this point it's about taste. The old Chenese culture is just more likeable for me compared to the medieval England that BDO has.

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I was test this game for some month ago and yes this combat are more skillfull as bns.

The dogde system is more like Vindictus and the skill attacks like BNS. Just a mix between bns and Vindictus combat.


I was really wish a game mix from vindictus, black desert and bns, but this game is nearly done.


The only con about this game is the graphics, because bd, bns and vindictus was to good, but it doesen't matter for me.


This game was better as I think, because the combat are unique skillfull, full open world, amazing pvp content open world PvP, duels, battlegrounds, arenas, castle sieges and territorial wars and you can fly like in AION :D


I still playing bns, because we don't got a better MMORPG like the graphics, combat and pvp from BNS, but ncsoft ruin bns for me too and I just wait for this game to quit here.

I'm sure some people will change from bns to revelation.

The graphics was true a point to dislike this game, but after I see how the gameplay works and the Content, it was not worth to cry about the graphics anymore :D



graphics vs gameplay and I'm definetly for gameplay

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Coincidentally that's the reason I'm currently playing BnS-it's not in open beta yet. However this game is more fun than I imagined...at least at lower levels, the community is......odd though. As long as I can see the boss' animations I don't care if the visuals are flashy.

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Quality of graphics matter to me, as I expect a modern game to be attractive and I'd prefer something less juvenile than BnS in character artwork/more realistic looking, but I am more interested in the variety of the end-game content, expected daily commitment for the game to keep your head above water in hrs (<3 hrs, preferably 2 hrs at most) and how alt-friendly the game is. If Revelation not better than BnS in those areas, it's not worth switching. I don't have another grind in me, I'd rather go play SP games once I am sufficiently bored with BnS. I like the Western gaming model far better from my experiences with SWTOR.

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BnS is good over all the only thing I hate is the bug. I have a good specs computer and internet connection. yet it always d/c for some reason. most of the players encounter this issue, mine is too frequent like others. I was planing on buying a premium membership but now I am planing not to play it. if feels like a waste of time and effort and it is really frustating cause it d/c when your in battle/ dungeon and you have to log in again and after a few minutes, d/c again. What the hell. Such a good game but no thanks. Good luck for new players. Don't spend money yet on this game. see first if it won't happen to you like most of us. 


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