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Weapon Skins - DO NOT BUY!!!

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Weapon skins sold in the Hongmoon Store are a 1 time use item that are lost permanently if you ever decide to change your weapon look again!


Upon purchasing a skin from the store you are given exactly 1 copy of a weapon with no stats that is to be used to glamour your weapon in game. The weapon can be delivered to exactly 1 character and applied exactly 1 time. If you ever choose to change that look again, the look of the purchased skin is lost permanently.


An investment of $10 or more to have a weapon look that you can use on 1 character 1 time and loose if you ever change from that look is bordering on unscrupulous business practice. NO other game company with a an online environment that sells purchasable goods has such an outdated uncaring policy in regard to their customers. Until such time as NCSoft sees fit to puts in place a fair policy and system with respect to these virtual goods, save your money!

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26 minutes ago, Kitzu said:

all i can say is...duh they have adressed this in streams before... sorry.

Stream is the worst place to put their information, as you have no idea when/where/what/how/why things are covered in it unless you sit thru ALL of them for you to know anything.

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I have watched all of them, i believe it was around the time they talked about the v-day skins.

never claimed it was the "best" port for info, buuuut a port none the less, better than nothing :)) 

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