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Weapon BOX

Lili Fox

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Oky, sry if someone think it is bit offend but. I used Brilliant key on corrupted weapon box to get corrupted wep for my class. What hapend? I got Tainted wep instead of Corrupted wep :D

Then i sent ticket to support about the bug, and the answare was


Please be informed that the item you are trying to acquire on the Corrupted Weapon Box is based on luck. Meaning, these items are based on RNG and there's no way we can bypass the game and give it to you for the benefit of your character. We only suggest for you to keep on trying and you will get it eventually.


ROOOOOOFL. I sent them an SS where they can see the system chat. I bet my SS got ignored and my Hongmoon Brilliant words also got ignored from my ticket. :D

Brilliant key = 100% succes for your own class far as i know. Otherwise why the fk ppls should buy it for $ if they can buy the normal key for 1 silver game money....

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