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Returning player with some questions


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I used to play BM before I quit and I was in the middle of the pack with breeze and oath breaker accessories. But it got progressively harder to catch up plus summoners and sin tilted me from PvP. I actually played some other games after I quit and really enjoy playing mages now. I was thinking of rerolling FM.


1. Should i reroll FM or just continue playing my BM? I know people say play whatever you feel is more fun, but I'm scared if I reroll I will be severely behind.

2. Should I reroll onto a different server too? I used to play on Mushin, I was thinking about playing on Poharan if costumes are mail-able between servers and and I decide to reroll. Reason I want to change server is to start fresh, with the exception of my old costumes since they dont gives stats.

3. How is FM PvP and PvE compared to BM? BM tilted me really hard everytime I faced summoners, sins and sometimes destroyers. I was pretty high rank too, top 30 in first season and was on pace for top 30 in season 2 but I quit.

3. Is it a good time to come back?

4. If yes, how hard is it to catch back up from scratch? I used to play Tera and I found it really easy to get back into the middle of the pack. In Tera a lot of old gear did not matter except for VM gear which allows for reduce cost in crafting the new VM gear. VM is basically BiS. Aside from that, new dungeons comes new equips and Tera usually gives u a new set of beginner gear that is capable of clearing the new content for better gear. In BnS, you keep the same weapon and accessories forever, and I feel I have to grind for months before I get back to where I left off.

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1. You can reroll to FM and catch up pretty quick depending on how many hours you play per day. Leveling up isn't hard, its gearing up that can be a problem if you don't have enough cash. But as a FM you can do pretty much anything PVE wise to get money much easier than BM. This is just my opinion anyways..


2. Last I knew, those two servers are pretty populated so I don't think that really matter that much, choice is yours. I don't think costumes can be mailed cross-server. But I may be wrong, I never tried.


3. FM is good in PVP as well as BM, only clause is you HAVE to know what you're doing. Both classes have little margin for error. In both classes, if you are smarter than your opponent and make less errors, you will most likely win. BM does have a smaller error margin in my opinion though, so if you PVP with BM, be prepared to get frustrated ALOT, depending on how many errors you make of course. PVE wise, both classes are great in dungeons, FM dominates BM in open world PVE, FM can also be very good in solo content also. BM can be good in solo content but requires alot of know-how and in some situations you may need pretty good gear.


4. The longer you wait, the harder the comeback will be. But there is an exp event going on right now to make leveling up even faster.


5. There is no 'beginner gear' on BNS just like you said. I personally make alot of characters cause I can never decide what class to main (big problem by the way, don't do this), I spent about 500g into a new char of mine, he got up to about 480AP. Thats with me buying a majority of upgrade materials, I farmed a few of them though. So depends how quick you can make that amount of money I guess. It's not hard, just can be time consuming if you don't know how to play the market correctly, that's assuming you dont pay a dime to the game. But currently the goal is about 550AP, get that and you can pretty much do anything on the game currently.

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1. Ask yourself if you have any liking in playing range classes, if your PC performance and ping are acceptable for that class respectively. People often cry about how difficult melee is when the fact is that the problems lie on their end (Performance issue etc).


2. Mushin and Poharan according to the masses, are still highly populated among the other sub servers.


3. Both classes are good in PvP but require more effort, simply take a quick look at Top 50 of overall ranking board. Besides, being a FM doesn't mean you can spam everything at enemy as that is how you lose the fight.


4. Any moment is alright for you to comeback but right now, we have got EXP event, so you might want to take advantage of that as well as the daily event for Lv50 which is incredible.


5. Dungeons as of now, are all do-able with True Breeze weapon, or 500 AP and above. Those are the standard of how public party accept. Equipment of that level do not require any real cash. Time, effort and patience is all you need. That said, achieving 400AP is a piece of cake and having above 400 AP certainly allows you to do every dungeons in public except for two, Sogun and Nexus. If you stay with your BM, you will catch up quite sooner.

If you wanted to achieve luxurious item that is above the current dungeon criteria itself, such as Legendary weapons, then yes, its only fair if you pay to catch up as others either invested time or money or both for that. No time or no money in MMO is not how one play Asian MMO.

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