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On 13.8.2016 at 0:13 AM, TJXX said:

I play all classes other than SF and BM too, The difference in my destroyer and fm with equal gear is only 3-4k dps over a long fight, and fm are top dps.  It might change more with legendary weapons, but looking at them those favor destroyer more than most classes.


Destroyer with 200ms vs assassin with 40.  He only does 3-3.5 attacks per second and all 3 hits when he crits and is in full 5 poison stack stride only do around 16k together.  I hit a little more per second and do more overall dps if you add it up.  He out gears me too.



First of all thank you for taking my vid as reference (i'm the sin in there) but now i'm gonna give you some facts:


Back then I did not have HM RMB, HM V, legendary weapon for resets and much worse gear as i have now. 


Oh and btw back then I had like 620 AP so who outgears who again? 


By now i do like double the dps I did back then when I made this video and I can guarantee you that your destroyer won't even come close to the dps I am doing now. 


Just for your clarification. 



DPS on EU/NA: FM > SIN > WL (all very close together) > rest


DPS on KR: SF/FM/SIN/WL are all pretty much the top dps with their amulets etc. according to the dps meter. 



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its always the class that you don't play

Sighs ... all this talk about best DPS... really thisGame got other stats only for decoration... thx to the awesome Gamedesign of every stupid Boss got Enrage Timer ... Listen... u cant say for s

@Shiune dude i dont want to quote all of that hogwash u have there. but bro i think u got ur shit mixed up.... dps != dph. they are 2 very different concepts.... dps = damage per second while dph = da



Im not trying to say that all DPS is even but it is close.  What people are failing to understand is that when you add in boss mechanics and player capabilities it evens out.  You can say ohhh sin top melee dps or ohhh FM is top ranged dps but those are not the factors that go into clearing content.  Just play the classes you enjoy because every class is capable of putting on tons of dps and there really is no top DPS class.  Well that is unless you plan on sitting at a training dummy for the rest of your stay with BNS.

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On ‎29‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 9:34 PM, Shiune said:

Are you stupid? 


According to the current meta in KR based on the DPS meter SIN is number 1 followed by FM and destroyers. 


This is the chart after the newly introduced amulets. 

Don't write smth about KR when you actually know shit about it. 


Here a small example how SIN dps looks like with the new amulet:





On EU/NA FM is top followed by SIN and then comes summoner, WL etc. 

You can read the comment below, the owner of this clip said FM is still on top, this FM just don't have as good equipment

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On 6/29/2016 at 7:02 AM, RudeBwoii said:

@Shiune dude i dont want to quote all of that hogwash u have there. but bro 

1. You should never say hogwash seriously.

2. Stop saying bro.

3. Every point you made after saying hogwash and then bro was promptly ignored by everyone. Great job.

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