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Warlock revamp on some skills


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I dunno if the devs actually read these posts, however i just wanna share my thoughts about the Warlock especially in PvP.
in PvE warlock seems okay, however in PvP is another story.

Here are my suggestions about the skills:

1: Bombardment Tier 5 Stage 1 : Since this skill is connected with crowed controlled enemies, there should be Extra damage to those who are stunned, Knocked Down or Dazed, i know there is addtional damage on insta cast, but however we also need addtional damage to those who are Crowed Controlled.

2: Bombardment Tier 5 Stage 1 : Decreases the cool down of WingStorm instead of Dragon Call.

3: Bombardment Tier 5 Stage 2 : Cast delay should be instant, and not 0.7sec.

4: Dragon Call Tier 5 Stage 2: Cool Down should be decreased to at least 20 seconds, instead of 36 seconds.

5: Sanctum Tier 3&5 Stage 1 : Cool down should be decreased to 24secs . and it must get a Projectile Resistance and whenever you get hit you get healed, just like Petal Storm and Veil :).

6: Sanctum Tier 3 & 5 Stage 2 : Cool down should be decreased to 36secs.

7: Sanctum Tier Tier 3 & 5 Stage 3 : Cool down is wayyyyyyyyyy tooo long, 1 min is wayyyyyyyy bad, you should make it 36secs.

8: WingStorm ALL tiers and stages : Cast delay should be 0.5 instead of 1 second.

With these little changes, Warlocks should be okay for now

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