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someone mind explaining ? ping issue..


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so once upon the time i was playing the game peacefully with a stable ping 40ms and i was happy, really, i was extremely HAPPY.
then lately, whats so called "idk?" ...
anywho jumping above my lame dramatic intro.
this is really weird been playing the game with fairly ping 40-60ms-ish kinda thing then i started doing cross server dungeons, miserably for the first time in my bns gaming ping jumps to 2ks(not to mention how i can see other people playing and moving and how can i chat without a single delay) then i get like 10 to 15secs of fine-ars chatting without a delay and fortunately DISCONNECT.
i never had this issue before it just started after this recent Wed or the Wed-before.. idek... someone explain? if you relate to this ? i mean what is the god**** REASON ? JUST WHY ? the game is so unplayable.. im growing tired day after day? ;_; halp pls
also [having other party members encountering the same issue] started a 4 man necro run and we were playing peacefully without any sort of lag run went really smooth until we started to dc one after another.. and nope we dont live in the same Region.
so whats so logical and reasonable about this randomness?

sorry for the mess content.. IM REALLY MAD.

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