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Hello there with the latest patch we are getting new paths and some effect changes.. Was wondering if this would have any major impact on the gameplay or maybe if it's considered a buff or not lol (I am a pretty new player as BD). Thank you


Blade Dancer

Wind / Thunder Blade (new) :  can be used on target with Restraint status.

Phantom Grip (4)
– add effect: block frontal attack
* note: block is not applied when the gripped target is a large enemy
– Tier 2 Stage 2/3: Restraint status is applied on target.
– Tier 2 Stage 2: CD is changed to 30 sec
– Tier 3 Stage 3: the effect of “decrease the defence of Phantom Gripped enemies by 5%” is changed to “increase crit rate by 5% for 3 sec (max 10 stacks) when attacking Phantom Gripped target”
– Tier 5 Stage 1: the effect of “heal anyone attacking the Phantom Gripped target by 1% HP” is changed to “reduce the CD of Five Point Strike (X) by 1 sec when attacking Phantom Gripped target”
– Tier 5 Stage 2: the effect of “knockback nearby enemies for 8m and daze them for 2 sec” is changed to knockback nearby enemies for 11m and daze them for 3 sec”
– Tier 5 Stage 3: new skill “Guard

Blade Flight (LB)
– changed to Wind elemental
– Tier 3 Stage 1: removed
– new Stage 2 skill path added

Blade Storm (RB)
– changed to Wind elemental
– new skill path added

Five Point Strike (X)
– new Stage 3,4 skill path added

Dual Strike (V)
– Tier 3 Stage 2: inflict 2 x  Daze

Strafe (Q), Blindside (E)
– CD is changed to 12 sec

Whirling Scourge (Z)
– Tier 3 Stage 3: the effect of generating additional Focus is changed to “increase 3% attack”
– Tier 5 Stage 3: the effect of “generate 10 Focus at the end of its effect” is changed to “increase additional 2% attack”

Lightning Strike (RB)
– Tier 2 Stage 1:  the effect of “guaranteed critical hit on grabbed, phantom griped target” is changed to damage increase

Source: Freedomplays

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