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Mi questions:
1. should i create a new account on new server (Windrest) or just start up ther with mi curent acc ?curently playng on ebon hall with decend gear, but that server is dying, well cann not wait for a server transfer (that will never come). 
2.And how to transfer gold,stingers,moonstones up ther?, 
3.and are the bound items mailable trough servers on same acc...? (yes i hawe premium -,-)

and yeah sry for mi buud en...

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i dont know about 1 but for 2 u need to charge ncoin to transfer anything via mail to your alt.

for 3 account bound items can be transferred to any alts registered to your account regardless of the server. but u cannot cross region like u cannot send items to NA from EU. if it is an outfit u want to transfer then u need to purchase 6 outfit stamps from the hongmoon store (each costs 19 ncoin or HMcoin); 3 if its a cat item.

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