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Unpack received items


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i have this issue here is my ticket :- its really bad that this is happening with PAID for items


Request #7212574failed to open package

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    Tuesday at 03:26

    Bought dragon trade pouch x23 cant open get an error message "failed to open the package. The item is invaid"

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    GM Eduard Yesterday at 00:26

    Thank you for contacting the Blade & Soul Game Support Team!

    I just want to inform you that this is a known issue and that we are currently looking into a resolution to this issue.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a firm date as to when this will be addressed. Please keep an eye on our Website, Official Forums, and Social Media pages for updates.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

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i have the same problem. all 3 pages items all not claimable old items and recent event item (oil) from market.. the unpack button missing. retrieved button greyed out.


further more. what happened to my other missing 7 pages items in retrieved box? :tears:

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wow, let this poor old thread sleep ^^ also your issue is completely different, as they changed the system in the 2 years that have gone by the last answer to this ;)


First, they moved the same items together, so you got less pages, but it is easier to find stuff. This leads to the next change, if you have only one item, you can still just check the box and claim it. If however you have more than one "unit" of this item (which may be one or five or whatever, it stand behind it), you have to do one click more.

So you choose the item on the left side of the window as usual by clicking on it. Then you direct your eyes to the right side of said window, where your selected item is displayed at the bottom with an icon. Now you click on that icon, and it lets you choose the amount of stuff you wanna retrieve (just as written below that icon btw ;) ). And there you go ;)

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