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legendary wep preferences


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im about to go legendary on my WL but idk what`s better in the long run

black 1 gives me more FLAT dmg same as life drain amethyst does (ON HIT) and a bit extra dmg on helix...

in the other hand

white 1 heals me a bit (not rly needed as a WL running around with almost perma life steal wingstorm) (when hit, which actually almost never happens coz with a good pt WL not gonna take the aggro) and CD decrease on leech which means faster leech=more crit dmg buffs

at this point black legendary sounds like a better option BUT! as soon as we get HM leech which goes 50% crit dmg instead of 20% i think white will be better coz...u pretty much gonna have perma leech (down time of 20 sec at white legendary stage 9..) mean every 20 sec u get 50% crit dmg buff for 15 sec...


im running bombardament helix build btw


share your toughts guys

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