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BM pvp problems


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I want to ask about a few situations that have been getting on my nerves recently (aside from all the bullshit I'm already used to).


First:  we all know this one, soaring falcon > divine retribution bug. The target does move along with the opponent's model, but we just can't hit him (or Q/E around him) because the "hit" part stayed where it was before soaring falcon pull (I think). Does anyone know a way to work around this (other than being in <4m distance from the target initially) or should I just not use this?


Second: this problem seems to be related to the first. If a warlock is sitting in F2 sanctum (resist CCs) and you pull him with soaring falcon, he will still resist CCs even if he is out of the circle.


Third: If a sum/wl switches places with their familiar and you cast something the same second, it will instead target the familiar, 5pt even ONLY targets the familiar, not both. I know about the "target sensitivity" setting but it doesn't change anything. The loss of target is annoying in other situations, too, e.g. a KFM stunning and attacking you from the side so you can't Q/E right after you recover.


Any help in fixing these is appreciated.


P.S. HM soaring falcon is coming, I wonder if 1 and 2 will be fixed by it.

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Regarding our pull > windwalk RMB, since it isn't that much reliable for the issue you mentioned, personally I no longer use it and just head in with LMB (flying sparrow). Not the most reliable skill as well but I find it to be less predicted by players, and that still gives me a free airborne if the opponent doesn't fire his tab escape. Since I'd be following anyways with either a defensive phase, either a CC phase, it would cover take flight's CD.


For your second point, well, it can't be helped, the description of their buff says that they would only be protected within the sanctum whereas in fact even once they're out, they keep its protection. We're screwed anyways, so unless they fix it (or unless they update sanctum's description, which I doubt considering the huge buff it provides) we'll still be screwed.


As for your third point, that damn fact is annoying as it could be, I never found a solution to these situations and can only endure the free hits it offers for the opponent.


By the way, for HM soaring falcon AFAIK n°1&2 issues won't be fixed by it, since whenever it's turned into a pull (meaning even T5S1 will be concerned when previous tiers weren't) for #1 it loses its availability during windwalk, and for #2 it seems rather to be a problem on the warlock's side (who carries his buff) than ours. Meaning we'll be back to square one with the current issues. :/

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