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Need help, how to stun, daze, knockdown as FM?


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Stun: Glacial Beam, 3 stacks of ice + Impact or Dragonwhorl + Impact. 

Knock up:  Fire Storm on stunned,dazed enemy, Ring of fire on stunned,dazed,etc. enemy.

Daze: Dragonchar, Second Wind 
*Click* to see where to put the points for the skills.

Hope i could help :3

edit:forgot about Second Wind >-< 

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Heatwave AKA Fire Storm Stage 3 or 4 can cause either double knockdown or daze. Stage 3 for knockdown, Stage 4 for daze. Swap between the two as needed. Both have 18s cooldown, half of Glacial Beam, so they are a bit more spammable. But they need to be set up and then triggered, so you need to press Tab twice. On the flip side, it's an AOE skill rather than a target one, so you can affect more than one enemy in a single use.

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