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Sundered Nexus 1st boss - how to block blades?


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Is BM mandatory for Sundered Nexus 1st boss that spams those rotating blades? What if I get queued into a party with only ranged people (like what just happened now, failed miserably on first boss, barely got it down to 70% HP). Those rotating blades are everywhere, there's literally 10 onscreen at the same time, impossible to dodge. Is there any defense against these as a FM/SM/WL?

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EVERY SINGLE CLASS has a block, deflect, parry, and/or counter. INCLUDING RANGED.

  • Blade Master: Block (1)
  • Kung Fu Master: Counter (1)
  • Destroyer: Hurricane Tier 2 Stage 3 (Tab), Stone Shield (V)
  • Force Master: Firestorm Tier 2 Stage 2 (Tab) (Loses a double CC)
  • Assassin: Decoy (2)
  • Summoner: Seed Shroud (4)
  • Blade Dancer: Vortex Tier 2 Stage 3 (Tab)
  • Warlock: Quell (1)
  • Soul Fighter: Elbow Smash (1)

BM/KFM/WL are not mandatory, they are just capable of holding block effectively. If people are not blocking, then they are most likely just lazy and holding back their party.

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1. The small saw throw (not the one when the screen say he is going to throw huge saw): you can negate this with petal storm (summoner), veil (FM), and well, you could eat the saw but it will be hurt. These saws disappear after it hit someone or got blocked (treats like projectile)


2. After that, he will conjures the big saw. Usually, what my team does is stop attacking, get together is one spot so the saws only come through 1 direction (pretty much like sogun's chi balls). If you have WL, WL can blocks them all for you, if not, if it's come to you, block it to stop it. You can follow @Shadovvv skill list to see which skill to use for each class. Again, just like Chi Balls in Sogun, these saws will keep on going back and forth until someone block it out.


3. Afterward, he will starts the CC phase. Succeed the CC phase will help you life a lot. With a high AP group, if you fail 1 CC phase, there is hope to complete if your team can get it right the next 1 or 2 CC phase. Failing 2 CC phase is a clear sign of "you aren't gonna finish him before the rage timer" -- reset him

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This is where the Reflex tab in your skill window comes in handy. All potential block/counter/parry/deflect skills are listed there, so make sure you get at least one option handy before starting the fight against Drill Sergeant... as well as Be Ido, for that matter. Both bosses reward you for timing your blocks right, giving you an opening to grab them (well, Destroyers and BDs anyway, since you wanna bring Be Ido to the blue areas left by the destroyed drills to remove his shield... 'block, grab n' drag' makes it easier) to give others extra time to DPS them.


Just remember to line up right behind the blocker so that both huge saws are aimed towards said blocker. Blocking also works against the Sergeant's drill charge attack. The attack pattern is swing -> drill thrust (avoid this one to not bleed... bleeding can prove fatal in 4-man) and 3-stomp AOE (backstep/iframe, especially the last one), then back to swing -> drill thrust and finally the charge. That's when blocker, well, blocks and create an opening for a grab. If you at least block this one successfully, you'll avoid the small saw and bomb throws attack patterns entirely.


And ofc, don't fail the CC phase. Last thing you want to happen is Sergeant getting a shield to resist dmg enough to risk triggering the enrage timer.

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