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Arena match up based on....?


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I'm a carebear who prefers PvE to PvP, 'nough said. I'm a bit delicate when it comes to people "praising" my noobness and I've always sucked at PvP, be it ping or bad reaction  :p I panic way too easily.


Anyways, this is my first char on BnS, a summoner (which some people call scummoner oddly enough, I'm way off from perfecting this class I guess). She's Lvl 50 HM 5 but still Undefined (<=Bronze). I've never done an arena match before but lost plenty in OW PvP *sigh*


So on to my Qs:

  • I will be matched in Bronze, I know that. Maybe occasionally a random silver.
  • Will I be matched against random levels or should I expect straight-through Lvl50 gameplay?
  • Any really good and up to date guide for nooby summoners in arena? video preferred. I know reaction time and skill management can only be practiced but I gotta get my royal bean somehow^^"
  • In Tag Team, do I need a pre-made team or is it enough to just press "Ready" until someone auto-joins? Any good guide for tag teams? I heard you can switch and stuff, a bit confused about that.



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  • Yes, you should be matched with bronze/silver, but it only takes about 1-2 wins to reach silver.
  • Most likely you'll be up against lvl50+ with the occasional lower level (or bot) really depends on who's on. Level and gear don't matter in arena aside from your skill unlocks and skill points. Stats are normalized, so it'll be completely different from OW pvp, you won't have to worry about someone coming up to you and killing you in an instant.
  • I don't have a guide but maybe try looking in the summoner section of the forums. However I do know they are a pain for me to fight against.
  • You can just press ready and it'll try to pair you up, personally never really tried it. If you're doing it only for the zen beans I recommend doing this if you don't like tag team: In the area outside of E.fleet and Night Shade Harbor, there's a wheel you can spin. It takes a ticket which costs 2 naryu coin. It can give Dark Sliver Chests (gives 1-2 naryu silver), try again ticket or the 1v1 pvp Dragon Invitational quest item (semi-rare chance, in about 100 spins I've gotten maybe 5-7). It gives 400-500 beans if you can get 2 wins. It's a daily quest so you can only do it once a day.
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Hello,as a summoner also i'd like to tell my opinion to your questions too: 


1) 1400+ (silver) 1600+ (gold)  1900+ (platinum) 2100+ (diamond) point system

2) You will be matched with people of different level range from 23 level to 50HM10...The system is based on your Win/Loss Ratio and in your opponent's also,so you could be against a Level 50HM9 and beat him easily and then lose to a Level 38.It's about how well you can play your class,your ping,your fps..all those matter,gear doesn't matter,stats there are equally the same.

3) Read this guide from a Diamond pvp player: 

http://w w w .bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/164484-summoner-pvp-guidebuild/ (without spaces)


4)In tag team you don't need premade but if you have,for sure use it..The people you may find they can carry you or they can drown you,so be good yourself and don't care much about them just Tag-In when you see time is right and safe to do some extra damage.

You can switch through the " ` " button left from your number 1 in your keyboard,top of your Tab.Same to tag-out when you are low in hp.


Hope i could be of some help,take care!.






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