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PVP bug Thrall summoning won't always reset properly

Lily Kate

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Hey all!


I'd like to report a bug where you, playing as a Warlock in 1v1, sometimes can't summon your Thrall the first.... 30 seconds of the match? (estimation)


Without getting too much into the argument that Warlocks are already difficult to win PVP matches with, summoning your Thrall is... pretty essential.


I'm not a 100% sure but I think it has to do with using your skills when you're on the 'countdown' platform just before the match starts. Usually your skills are all supposed to reset when the match starts and the icons of the skills actually do so, but the Thrall summoning skill seems to have issues to properly reset; and I find myself slamming my tab repeatedly (the frustration sometimes gets to me) and it does nothing.


Did anyone else experience this bug?


I suppose its easily solved; don't use skills during the countdown. But I figured I'd throw it out here anyway.

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