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Sunder HM skills


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Does anyone know if the defense penetration that Sunder hm skill stage 1 tier 5 provides does more damage on end game bosses that Sunder stage 2 tier 3? Or does the extra wind damage of sunder stage 2 tier 3 is better than the defense penetration on sunder hm skill stage 1 tier 5?

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Tested it out ... and the Skill discription is Missleading ... listen... Def Parry Penetration meaning (Ignores Defensive Skills as example Block, Counter) 

It does NOT ignore defense Stats in any Way... same goes for Blademaster Pierce ... it does not do more dmg... tryed it on a tanky Boss and Normal monster also looked into real skill discription on other BnS version and BnS Tree aswell.. so ya..

Tier 1 = ignore block and counter 8 M range so its the technical way

Tier 2 = More Dmg More Burst Dmg without dependin on Crit only but only 5 M range so the glass canon way

Tier 3 = The technical way of dependin on cc... once the target is dazed or knocked down the atk does 100% crit rate and heal10% dmg... its a other form for pvp 5 M range

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