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How to make a good guild, get good players and keep them?

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It's honestly my first time for being an actual guild leader. My guild is only a month old but I'm having problems with getting people to do things together or getting them to stay. We were doing great the first few weeks, but things have changed and a lot of people are getting burnt out of the game making the guild very quiet. I've been trying to recruit people and asking on any related websites for people to join but it's hard and we won't be merging anytime soon. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get good players and keep them? 

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First of all what rank is your clan? Good players that are high levels and do harder content often tend to be greedy and needing a high level clan but that doesn't mean they want to work for a clan to get it higher. The clan I joined did have rank 8 which the clan leader and advisor had achieved by themselves. So if your clan is really low rank then you should try to get it a bit higher to lure in player who want clan bonuses and as time passes will want to get the clan higher. I gthuess many good players would rather leave and join those major high rank clans than stay in those new smaller ones with lower rank.


As for clan being quiet I am not sure how to help this. If a person is not social and talkative I guess there won't be much communication. It is hard to get people to form groups if they don't know each other that well and want to just do the dungeons with no failures. This community has low patience with failures as time is important to them. What you could do is to courage your clan mates to form small parties to farm together even if it's 2-3 people and even if it's in F8.

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try to be actively involved with the clan members. try to help the members run dungeons or give them tips to do it. first impression is always good and it stays with the new recruits. in my clan the motto is we are like a family and family helps each other so we jokingly titled our leader as "mother goose". whenever you get a new recruit send a welcome msg in the clan chat and convey your clan motto to the new recruit and also let them feel at home with your clan

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Hi Nia, I'm Tearbrush of Broken Oath. I lead the 2nd clan in my server faction side to hit rank 15. While I can't say i'm the best of leads I've achieved 20 actives members online at different times of the day. Hopefully some of my inputs may help you out. 


1. Recruit from the ground, as a new clan leader there is practically no way you can compete with bigger clans on Clan Recruitment. Ask yourself, what do you do? Like if you do dailies at 7p.m Go out there into open world at 7p.m shout out in your faction you are forming a party to do *insert daily here*. Invite people around you to play with you. If they are likable. Ask them humbly if they play often at this time and if they would like to do this everyday and perhaps build a clan with you. Don't be scared. If you and your party members get along well and this are experiences everyone enjoys. You have a good chance to get a yes. Even if its no just love them and continue to play with them. Invite more to join you every day.


2. Be selective, don't just recruit people for the sake of it. Be very careful I made this mistake trying to fill my clan fast when I started. Whoever you invite must be
1. At least active 4 days a week

2. A good understanding person

3. Patient with them self


It doesn't matter if they are geared, as long as they are active and have a good sporting attitude to themselves and others, thats the person you want to take. Gear will come eventually. If someone lacks any of these above they will have a high chances of inactivity, quitting or worse destroying your clan. I had the latter 3 times in a row. Ever since then I've built my clan carefully. Its been stable and the clan has enjoyed peace and fun everyday with great events and laughs


3. Be active, being a clan leader calls you to be selfless, you will sacrifice alot. Just being online and playing isn't good enough. You NEED to train your clan mates, play with them. You have to talk and hold meet ups to get their feed back. Always listen to your clan and be approachable. Do not get defensive with criticism accept all suggestions graciously no matter how nasty its put towards you (that being said if someone is being nasty they must be kicked). Come up with ways to make your clan unique something special which you can do that other clan leaders don't do. For me I funded my clan 2 crafters free of use for anyone. I farmed over 60 lairs for the silverfrost merry potters for my clan mates crafting.


Nothing gives a clan leader more pride than seeing your members clearing endgame because of your support. I'm very happy to see my guys hit platinum in pvp or get an asura ember. You don't have to even be a good player. You just need to be there, you need to play with them and you need to believe in them and yourself that you can clear things no matter how grim it is.


4. Handle rejections, a lot of people are going to reject you. Tbh my clan has seen a fallout of over 120 people since the start of the game. Do not let this discourage you, its just that they realize its not a place for them. You just keep building the clan and believing in it. I always believe somewhere out there, there are people who are dying for a clan and your clan might just be the one they are looking for. Be gracious with rejection, love them on their way in and on their way out.  


5.Build a culture, your clan needs to be memorable internally and externally. Internally, inside jokes, clan events and just talking in general form a clan culture and when everyone partakes and enjoy it this is the point they do not leave the clan assuming you have done the above correctly. Externally the clan must be made memorable as well so that people seek out your clan or talk good about your clan. Always glorify your clan and never yourself. Love people and respect them even if they aren't your clan members and in turn they will respect your clan and its people.


6. Have goals, meet up regularly and implement your clan member's feed back. Create events and follow through with them. That shows your integrity as a leader and that you are serious about your clan.


7. Lastly design your clan to be memorable. Your clan name, your clan goals are not just for you and your clan. 1st impressions matter, have a good name and a great tag line. And never be snobby to potential new players.


Thats just my personal take on building a clan. If anyone has any doubts feel free to msg me or even interview some of my members in the screen shot below over their life here. I'm Tearbrush from Broken Oath Iksanun Loli Subjugator of the Crimson Legion signing off!



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