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Seraphic or Baleful


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So fellow midget dancers

what would you choose seraphic or baleful and why

I am more inclined on baleful since the procs does seem to be more constant as (every hit % to proc) as oppose to seraphic which is "getting hit", and since we dont have any taunt skills unless using threat gear, we aint the "main" tanks as to say. 

Even though, most of us are usually mostly lightning build, i am more inclined baleful bonuses > 7% flicker increase at stage 9 . 

what are your thoughts :o

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With new Skill Update we will be able to go in Drawstance with C, V, X and after Grab, so Baleful's CD reset proc will be not that useful anymore. Furthermore with Legendary Soul Shield we will get CD reset for V too. For me it will be definitely Seraph and the Weapon Skin ist on Seraph better too.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4nppl4/what_are_the_new_bd_abilities_on_kr/

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Yeah, i read the patch notes, was slightly confused since it gave legit no freaking info on whatever 
lke what the serious hell is " skill path added"

but yeah, that reddit helped and the videos damn was nice af

that just put me towards lightning build more now, since they kinda solved most of the problems of lightning builds. (EXCEPT LOSING DRAW STANCE RANDOMLY BUG)

but yeah seraphic for me for sure now !

thnx !

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