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Hongmoon Store Costume Mixup


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After the patch, the costume in the Hongmoon store for "Dahlia" no longer displays the Dahlia costume (lots of purple with a kind of multi-layered tartan skirt), it now shows "Scarlet Serpent" instead. I don't want to buy "Scarlet Serpent" but I don't know which one will be delivered if I purchase "Dahlia" in the Hongmoon store.


Also, the name for one of my crafted items has changed in the display, yet in the Auction House it pulls up items that were it's old name. 


The old name of the chest was "Forgekeeper Blight Illusion Sword chest" It now displays in inventory as "Unrefined Galaxy Weapon Chest" The same is true of the displayed item in the crafting window, the name has changed to "Unrefined Galaxy Weapon chest"


Here is a screenshot of the crafting window showing the name mixup: xjL1vHC.jpg?1



Here is a picture of the Hongmoon store costume issue:


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