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Rolling melee

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Hi,  I would like to try a melee (have an FM dinged 50 not long ago). The melee will mainly be for pvp, but also for some pve on the side.

So I narrowed it down to BM, BD and Soulfighter.


Is any of the 3 bad vs Sins?
Do any of the 3 have a big counter matchup? If so which ones?




Yay spammable block ability.

Looks cool that swift sword style. Pull ability (i like pull, I am sorta ranged natured, it feels good to have the ability to pull something to me, rather than only option being jumping in forward).
Tank nice change of pace for pve. Bm is counter to FM, so i would get to know my counter better.


Need high hm lvl + certain books before it gets competitive? (I dunno for sure)?

How difficult is BM?




Cool allround magic like melee.

Spinning :P. Phantom grip (i like grip/pull, i am sorta ranged natured, it feels good to have the ability to grip/pull something to me, rather than only option being jumping in forward).


Doesnt really have a role in pve? Or only not in hardcore pve?
Just a dps. Unlike bm being tank.

Doesnt synergize well with Destroyer in pvp and pve? (Destroyer is someone I will probably play with often).



Dragonball (for those who know this anime)looking fighting style :P. Being able to change between range and melee every handful of sec.

Teleporting. Freeze. Hybrid.


Lack of block/parry/counter like defences and escapes?

No pull or grip right?


I read the soulfighter talent tree, read some stuff about the class and checked some footage but i still feel like I dont really have a good impression of the class yet.
Whereas I have seen other classes in action in game (in my team or vs me).


Any recommendable link around to get better soulfighter impression?



Maybe you could answer some of the questions that I weaved in the post and marked with Italic?

If you have some extra info that could help me choose that would be welcome as well.


Thanks in advance.

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I try both BM and BD and I feel BD is more fun but hard to play. Simply you have no block but your AoE is nice.


Soul fighter seems more like the playstyle of KFM so if you like KFM then it will be fine but otherwise might not be as fun.

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