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Are warlocks any good in pvp?


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I personally haven't played either class, but I think the general consensus is that BD is in a much better place than WL when it comes to PVP. From what I've seen, BD doesn't seem to have any really bad match ups while WL has quite a few. I guess it really depends on what you're looking for: an easier class to get into PVP or a class that will challenge you in PVP.


Guess I should also mention aesthetics too if you prefer one race over another since BD is limited to just lyn.

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Warlock isn't as great in pvp as Blade Dancer is, but some people wreck really hard with it (Tenah in EU is an example). As a general rule though you're going to have to work pretty hard for your victories and know your abilities back to front.

Warlocks have really solid attacking power in pvp - they can dish out a lot of damage and it really hurts to stand in front of one. You also have a bunch of good crowd controls to work with - knockups, knockdowns, knockbacks (most of which are done by your Thrall), as well as some good snares/chains to work with.


Your defensive game... eh? It depends. You have a Block ability, which allows you to neutralise most frontal attacks, and when somebody hits into your block you can knock them back. Your Z key Bastion will protect you from 5 attacks for 5 seconds on a 36 second cooldown. Sanctum (C) (orange chain hexagram that WLs can use) can do a variety of things - it can either make you untargetable, heal you, or protect you from a wide range of crowd controls while you're within the area.

You can also use your Thrall to defend you - Fall In (E) summons your Thrall back to you, and knocks away anyone or anything where it lands.

In addition to your Tab key, you have a second escape, Void Walk (3 key), which allows you to switch places with your Thrall.


But you're slow as hell, only have one backstep and no dashes (can't escape from freezes easily), squishy, have awful/non-existent healing abilities, few i-frames, and comboing people requires a lot of brainpower. You have windows of extreme power (like whenever you use Time Distortion to reset ALL your cooldowns repeatedly), but if somebody runs away from you/makes themselves invulnerable/freezes themselves/freezes you/stuns you anyway/does anything else to stop you from attacking them... you will have a very bad time.


You also need several HM skills to compete at the same level of other classes, so a large gold and time investment is required in order to play against more difficult matchups.


Finally, you have even or good matchups against most classes, but a good Assassin can really ruin your day, and Force Masters are your worst nightmare.


They're really easy to level up and in extremely high demand in the rest of the game (PvE) though, so you might be better off playing Warlock just because Blade Dancers are replaceable by literally any other class outside of pvp.


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I suggest you do not go as a Warlock, Warlocks are the lowest tier class in pvp atm, they need so much hard work and so many H.M skills, if you dont have H.M skills, you are pretty useless, in the other hand any other class can do fine without H.M skills.

Warlocks lack iframes you need to time everything you do, 1 mistake and game over.

Warlocks have many glitches atm, Q on Thrall, don't stun mosta times, it can be avoided easily.

Sanctum is glitched, sometimes people can stun you inside. or target you inside.

Warlocks have the lowest HP in pvp, which is 39k i think, other classes are like 40k+ hp.

Warlocks are so so so slow, you need to be able to adjust yourself with their skills, otherwise you can get crowd controled while doing your skills.

Warlock is pretty nerfed for along time, they are getting buffed slowly, so do not try them now, try them maybe in a year.

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