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Curious about returning

Kiatra Nayasth

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Hello all,

I am curious about returning to BNS after giving up months ago and have a few questions.


  • Is it possible to catch up gear wise, and play at the current content as a casual player (10-20hrs/week)? Or will I always be stuck, significantly behind the equipment upgrade curve?
    • Between uber grindy dailies, and other content I always felt like I was super behind..
  • Can I play an alt an ever catch up to a reasonable place without P2W cash for gold?
  • Have OWPvP large NPCs been toned down for melee? There was always a huge disparity between possible loot for most melee and ranged as the melee would go splat fairly quick.
  • Are guild outfits still outrageously difficult to get?
  • Have any CC resistances been introduced to the game?
  • Is the game still, uber gold centric or gold grindy?


/edit  - oops well I see I posted this to the wrong forum (Dungeons). Meant for general. #Mybad




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1. Yes and no. You can relatively easily get to the point gear wise that you can clear all current content. At 500ish AP with proper crit amounts and crit damage you can do most all content with no problems, despite what many believe, knowledge of your class and playing well will get you farther at that point compared to dumping money on gear. That said, the game is always going to revolve around grinding, it's what BnS boils down to, and you will always be "behind" people who grind 12 hours a day or dump obscene amounts of money, but you don't have to keep up with them to do content.


2. Bit more iffy, if you're making a ranged alt for SSP hypothetically it should generate enough income if you're selling the majority of what you get, but that may not be true. I'm not sure as I haven't managed to convince myself to start building another character.


3. Flat answer, nope, and probably never will be. The lag is still generally just as bad too.


4. Depends, the rarer ones are still expensive to craft, probably always will be. If its not just you crafting it and you don't want the most expensive one, shouldn't be too bad.


5. Would need clarification, far as I know there's always been certain skills that give CC immunity, plus iframes obviously.


6. See #1, always will be.

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