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ssp questions


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recently I dinged 50 with my first character.

I have read up on SSP and roughly understand what to do.


Kill 8 crimsion elite/sentinels.
Pick up injured soldier and meteorite (kinda hard with those hyperspeed bots who get there first :( ).

Herb quest from prestige points.

Get battleplans (I havent done this yet but you need to do this in a group with frostsheath fm, stealth sins etc. and as long as only 1 of the group survives and the others die in the distraction,  the whole group still gets credit is what I read.)


This is all clear.
Now on to the questions.


In battle for soulstones quest, I didnt get any credit at times for a kill. There were several dozens of our faction present.

Eventually I got all hoglin chiefs but I still was 0/3 ardent captains. even though I tryed to deal dmg from the start to end on all the different bosses that popped along

(including by my knowledge ardent captains with that huge aoe wave right?). Nor did I get credit in Restoring order to the quarry or for Grindtooth in, In too deep.

Why do you sometimes not get credit? Not enough dmg done?

The damage treshhold seems very harsh in that case for someone with not very  good gear.






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To get the plans you don't have to die or having other people helping you. Get them from on of the side tents not the middle one. There are only mobs in front not inside so you can run in grab them and run out. It's possible not to add them but even if you do it's not a big problem.


The big quests with the 6 and 3 elite indeed depends on your damage. According to your damage you will get Prestige (you will know that I'm sure). If you did enough you will get a chest from the mob with the quest item. It's not that hard to get the quest. Depending on the number of other people there, you will get it mostly even with under 10 prestige what is really low. Grindtooth might be a bid harder because some people join the channel right before so the channel fills most of the time when mining is in end phase and then you have to compare with many more people who might have more dmg than you. The 3 elite can also be a Little tricky if you are a melee class or if it hits you too often so you have to get back and heal up. After all, it depends on the damage you dealt.

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