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Ground counter bug is getting a fix?


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I heard it from Jaesung, that this week it's getting finally a fix in Korean server. LOL! Which means we'll get the fix in maybe 3 months! Also what the hell, if this bug was in Korea for so long why wasn't this immediately hotfixed? Makes no sense.

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Fixes a bug where you can queue up your ground counter as you fall down from the air, it'll still allow you to activate ground counter despite a perfectly timed stun.



1. KFM slams a BD and he flies up in the air.

2. BD lands and KFM stuns with Z or V (either or). The BD is now stunned, you can see visual effect / animation showing the BD stunned.

3. KFM continues to combo, but gets ground countered. <--- Not supposed to happen.


Works for every ground counter class and is also very game changing, especially vs. Assassins. We literally have to wait 1 second after we stun them before we can combo due to the ground counter bug.

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