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Character Info bugged


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Picture says it all.  My actual stats, what I have equipped, and what my character info page says. 
I just wanted to do a quick Asura run with randoms but got kicked out of the party for what seemed like no apparent reason. Until I F2 and saw why. 
I tried relogging twice but that didn't work. My character info page is still bugged showing 109AP and no gear equipped what so ever. I tried removing everything then re equipping it but that also didn't work.  Some help maybe? xD 


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There's a lot going on with NCsoft their servers if you ask me, if you go into a local dungeon (aka not cross-server) you hear people constantly complaining about disconnects, lagg spikes and character profiles loading incredibly slow. I'm just hoping this will be resolved after today's maintenance.

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The character profile system is currently undergoing maintenance, but it should be addressed shortly.

Thank you all for your feedback and your patience :)



Team Blade and Soul.

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21 hours ago, Nightdash said:

Please fix this bug it's going to be really annoying to do cross server with this bug in the way , thanks

aye i find it extremely hard to make a judgement on how many scrubs are in my party when i cant stick my nose in there stats. 


how am i gonna que randoms and insta leave due to something that hardly matters now.


the most enjoyable part of this game is ruining peoples runs by making them spend up to 15 minites after the group has started looking for the members to do it.


much fail NCSoft. much fail. 

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